Why Do Men Use Escort Services?

There are various reasons why a man would take money out of his pocket to pay for something that he may easily get at home. It is not like all these men are hideous and most of my clients are married and well-to-do. If not their wives, they could easily find a hookup buddy elsewhere like at a bar, through a friend, or on a dating or adult site. So what is with them paying me, or you for sex? Here is a list of reasons I have generated from my many conversations with my clients.

1. It is a fun hobby and kind of for the sport for them. This can’t be any truer for some of the men. On escort review forums there is even a sense of community. Just like how me being bookish have a book blog and follow other book bloggers, make comments and review books for the sport of it, these men see the sex industry as just another way to make friends and share in something they enjoy.

2. They want a different sexual experience. Maybe you are thin and their wife is not, maybe you are a BBW and their wife is thin. Maybe you have dark skin, something they never had before or don’t have at home, maybe you have tattoos. And since they are paying you to get naughty for them believe me they are not paying for you to just lay on your back with your legs open. It is time to get on top, start talking naughty, spit, suck, growl. Be as dirty as you want (unless they say otherwise). Because truthfully they can probably get all that normal shit somewhere else.

3. They like making sexy friends. Think about it… What other way is there for a 40 or 60-year-old man to make friends with hot 20-something-year-olds at the drop of a hat? Some of my clients talk to me almost every day.  In some cases I ignore them but in others, if they are respectful and they also help my business as regularly as once or twice a week, what is the harm in writing out a quick response to them?

4. Loneliness. Not every one of them are married. And sometimes marriages die emotionally. Or even physically. I know of a client who lives separately from his wife. They go to family functions and church together. They keep up appearances, but inside the spark that was once, there is completely dead. But that doesn’t stop a man from needing a woman’s embrace. Men need attention to survive. So give it to them, girl, and get that bag. Yes some of them choose escorts because they are lonely.

5. Boredom. Ever been doing nothing for a really long time then all of a sudden the laptop is open and you have a credit card in your hand or you are suddenly at the mall gazing at that expensive makeup kit you’ve put off for a while? Boredom is what happens sometimes to clients before they call their favourite girl. Sometimes they just need something to do. No pun intended.

6. Sex. If you don’t know this by now then you are probably 5 and shouldn’t be reading this blog in the first place. But, ya. Men just need sex. They say they need it as much as women need love, or in our case, their money. I heard something like a woman going without sex for 1 day is like 30 days for a man. And you have to feel pity for them too. Where manufactured lube can always come in handy for us, if a guy doesn’t do it for a while things can get a little soft down there. Oh and that pride!

So there you have it. So don’t get in your mind that you are Miss Everything, or that they are all desperate and need you oh so bad. Don’t ever feel that you are above them in any shape or form because that mentality is gonna burst your bubble and sink your ship really fast.

Be aware that they don’t have to choose you. Put effort in your appearance and even if you are not the best looking gal at least show that you give a fuck. Effort goes a long way with clients. In as much as some may be complete assholes, they are human too and at the end of the day if you work hard to show complete care in your work and what they think of you, they are going to take note and admire you for that. As girls want love (or money :D) guys want RESPECT. No, seriously. What men want most, even before sex is respect. So even if you don’t look like Megan Fox it is likely they’ll decide to make you a regular based on your effort and respect for them alone. Get this. Effort IS respect. Maybe you are not the dream sex goddess on the outside, but hey, you could still be that girl on the inside for them.

Take care of yourself. They have plenty of options no matter how bad you think they look or how annoying or even gross they are. There is always another SP who is going to be kinder or have a lower price. One that texts faster than you or slower (this is good depending on the guy).

Don’t be rude or stuck up. This is a business relationship even if friendships can be built. If you want to last long in this business, if you love what you do or even if you are in it just for the money (which I don’t recommend) then you seriously need to suck it up sometimes. If a client is irritating you so bad that you are about to snap and lose your cool, and possibly say something unprofessional, try turning off their message notification and step away for a few minutes or even hours if you have to. Clients expect respect just as much as you do. They are paying their hard earned cash after all. And they talk. Meaning there are plenty of forums that they can use to “bash” a girl and ruin her career in seconds. So be as kind and polite as possible. I don’t mean to sound harsh or like an anti-feminist but really your job is to look pretty, entertain them, AND keep your mouth shut. One explosion and loss of sanity and it could all be over. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Cheers! Happy hooking!

-Miss Escort

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